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The City

Two thousand years of invasion, liberation, re-occupation, devastation and rebirth, played out over and over again in a cycle of history, have somehow produced this unique culture.

Lack of money has prevented that squeaky-clean modernization machine to roll through town, the way it has recently glitzed up so many other cities on the continent. As a result, some buildings are run-down, plaster is peeling and roads are bumpy, but the beautiful reward for the intrepid traveler is a genuine city filled with real character.

A wide variety of architectural styles are on display, sometimes combined in the unique Hungarian Eclectic that blends elements of Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau in a single building.

You will definitely find our capital a vibrant, cosmopolitan but friendly metropolis with colorful nightlife and lovely shops and beautiful parks.

Buda and pest

Broadly speaking Buda is hilly, Pest is flat and the Danube
 bisects the two and is spanned by 9 bridges.
 Pest has more things to do (shopping, nightlife) while Buda
 is predominantly a residential area.

Public transport

Almost everything is within walking distance in Budapest, but the public transport system is still one of the best in Europe.
Most of the lines run between 4:20 am and 11:30 pm. Timetables.
All-Night-Long tram on the Grand Boulevard line 6.
Tickets available on board.
The Metro consists of four lines, three has a common station at the city center.
You can buy single tickets, or 24h, 72h, 7 day, 14 day or monthly passes. Prices.
The Royal Palace

Royal Palace was the seat of the Hungarian Kings until the end of the 15th century. You can choose between a healthy 5 minutes walk uphill or a quick ride in fancy cable car that is available at the tunnel. This will take you up in about 40 seconds. The original Palace had been damaged and rebuilt several times.

This final version of the Palace however was built for Maria Theresa, the only female Habsburg Empress, that never even used it. There are two museums and Hungary’s biggest library.

The National Gallery has a great exhibition that shows some of the best known Hungarian painters including Mihaly Munkacsy, Pal Szinyei-Merse and many more. The Budapest History Museum holds and exhibition of Budapest that introduces Hungarian culture in great details starting from medieval times up to the modern era.

If you want to visit the Buda Castle check out our free Budapest walk!

Baths in Budapest

Thermal baths and spas in Budapest are popular tourist attractions as well as public comforts for the city's residents.
Rudas Bath
The real Turkish ambience built in 1566, retains a strong Islamic style.
Open daily 6am-6pm
Entry from 3300 HUF

More info
Széchenyi Bath
Soak with the locals and tourists. Use outdoor pools all year long.
Open daily 6am-10pm
Entry from 4900 HUF

More info
Gellért Bath
Luxurious bath experience in a fancy setting at the foot of the Gellért hill.
Open daily 6am-8pm
Entry from 5100 HUF

More info
Lukács Bath
The real Hungarian spa-experience off the beathen track.
Open daily 6am-8pm
Entry from 3400 HUF

More info
Kiraly Turkish Bath
Not Naked Hangout anymore! All pools are mixed.
Open daily 9am-9pm
Entry from 2400 HUF

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Budapest is home to some of the best nightlife in Central Europe. It's beautiful and lively crowd thrives to have a good time on every day of the week.
Part of the reason for the incredible nightlife is due to the ruin pubs (abandonded buildings with formerly different function) and the cheap alcohol. Ruin pubs look like standard bars from the outside, however, once you enter the inner courtyard, you find yourself in the middle of artsy, and cool bar that is bustling with crowds talking and dancing.
Every place has a unique style and atmosphere. There is always a good mix of local Hungarians and foreigners, which makes Budapest nightlife unique and awesome.
It' is said that Budapest is very cheap. That's right and entertainment is no exception. But still you should give on our advises and check the prize of everything before you decide to order it. The prices of a same thing may differ a lot from one place to another. If you are prepared for it, you will not be surprised then. After a night of dancing and drinking, the first thing that comes to mind is food! There are 24 hours vendors selling pizza and other pub delicious food in Budapest.

Do you wanna party like a local? Check out our Pub tour!

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