Starts daily 10:00AM & 3:30PM – No 3.30PM tours between Jan.6-Mar.31. 2020
Meeting point: All tours leave from Elisabeth (Erzsebet) square. We meet about 15 meters away from Budapest Eye Ferris wheel, in the shady park.
Length: 2 hours – 2.5 hours – covers about one and a half mile. ( ~ 2,5 kilometers)
No booking is requested, just show up with a smile! However, groups of 8 or more people travelling together should register in advance!
Groups more than 8 pax: we offer low cost private tours (booking is essential)

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No tours on:  Dec. 24th at 3.30PM, Dec. 25th, Jan. 01.

About our Communism Walk

Personnel and realistic insight into what life in Hungary was like under Communism and what has happened since. This tour also provides an interesting first hand account of life pre and post Iron Curtain and helps to understand the local way of living and not just see the city from a tourist’s viewpoint. The undercover stories reveal interesting facts about traveling, housing, education, media, propaganda, sport, healthcare, religion, economy under Communism and incomparison with the post-Communist era. Tour provides clear picture about what everybody over 30 lived through and how it affects current attitudes of locals. Sights of this interactive adventure include the 1956 uprising areas, the bronze bullet memorial, the flag with the hole and the eternal flame, the secret exit of a military bunker, the last Communist memorial in the inner city and other symbols of “Soviet friendship”.

This is not a classical sightseeing walking tour as downtown of Pest has very few Communist sights to see, but more like a university lecture.


Thanks for their excellent explanation of recent Hungarian history starting with the solviet “liberation” , through the years of communism, to the current fragile democracy.
The guides described how the Russians “defended” Hungary starting 1947 with the opresive regime of Stalin: forcing communism on hhe country, raping women, taking people to forced labor. They continued with the independence almost won at 1956, the “happy communism” in later years, and finally democracy starting 1990. Daily life, housing, travelleing at the times of commuism were detailed. A monument for the Soviet “heros” in front of the the American embassy, and a statue of Ronald Regan mounted in return ridiculing the
monument symbolize Hungary’s status as a battle ground of opposing forces. The guides also touched on Hungarian wrong doing WW2, the flase monument portraying Hungary as the good angel attacked by the evil German, and the surrounding street exhibition exposing the truth.
All in all it was an exciting tour with lots of historical facts told in a fasciating way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”
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