If we talk about the inner city (or “belváros” in Hungarian) we usually think about the area inside of the Grand Boulevard (Nagykörút) on both the Pest and Buda side of the city. Budapest has 23 districts and the districts that have parts in the downtown area are the 5th, 6th,7th, 8th, 9th on the Pest side and 1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th on the Buda side. The inner city is situated on the banks of the Danube. Three out of the four Budapest Metro lines intersect each other at Ferenc Deák Square which is one of the centers of the downtown. These metro lines are the blue or number 3, the red or number 2 and the Millennium Underground Railway which is the yellow or number 1 line. Of course, there are several bus, tram and trolleybus lines as well in this area, but it is also a quite walkable space.

You will find the most important, popular and beautiful sights in downtown Budapest and the political and financial centre, too. Let’s see some of the sights that you will bump into if you are walking around in the inner city! There is a more detailed description of most of these on our website.

Saint Stephen’s Basilica: the biggest and one of the most gorgeous Roman Catholic churches in Budapest on the Pest side.

House of Parliament: if you type “Budapest” into any search engines and have a look at the pictures that come up this is probably what you will see most of the times. An amazing neo-gothic building on the Pest side of the river which is the third biggest Parliament in the world.

Jewish quarter: it is on the Pest side. The 7th district, an area which used to be a flourishing business and cultural centre for Jewish people, then a ghetto at the end of the second World War, now busy cultural centre again and you will find most of the nightlife of Budapest here, too. The quarter has the biggest synagogue of Europe, the Dohány street synagogue.

Castle hill and district: it is on the Buda side and part of the UNESCO World Heritage sights. The whole former castle built in the 13th century cannot be seen on top of the hill anymore, but everyone can admire the Royal Palace (big domed structure), the towers of the Matthias church and the Fisherman’s Bastion, a gorgeous lookout terrace around the church.

Gellért hill: the taller hill next to the Castle hill on the Buda side. On the top the Liberty statue of Budapest can be seen, and you can also enjoy a beautiful view from up there.