Hungarian flag with a whole in the middle, symbol of 1956 revolution

23rd of October – National Holiday

Dear Travelers!

Let us inform you that the 23rd of October is annually a national and bank holiday in Hungary and Budapest.

On this day bigger grocery shops, shopping malls, clothes shops will be closed. You can find some smaller, non-stop supermarkets open, so do not worry about your grocery shopping! 🙂

Also, museums and bathhouses will be open this Sunday and our Free Budapest Walking Tours also run as usual!

You can join our free Communism tour, to learn more in details about this national holiday, but shortly here is a little info about it for you:

In 1945, at the end of World War 2 Hungary was liberated by the Soviet Red army and after the liberation they set up a totalitarian, Stalinist communist dictatorship in our country. The 1950s and 1960s were quite hard in Hungary and in 1956 a revolution broke out in Budapest against the Soviets and against the Hungarian communist regime. The revolution lasted for about 2 weeks, the Soviets then invaded Hungary and we lost the uprising. However, it was the first big uprising in the Eastern European communist block since the end of World War 2, so even though Hungary lost, it is considered to be and important point in history. October the 23rd is the memorial day of this 1956 revolution.

There will be commemorations all over the city center on this day, Sunday.

Enjoy your time in our beloved Budapest and see you soon on our free tours!