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Covid-19 related news

Coronavirus related news of Hungary on the 26th February 2021 As we wrote in our previous blog post, the 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit Hungary as well, there have been more and more new cases and they have extended the Covid-19 related restrictions and border closure until at least the 15th of […]

Latest News – 23rd February 2021

Latest Covid-19 related news in Hungary and at the Free Walking Tours Budapest Team Regarding the Covid-19 related restrictions in our country, there has been one change made since our latest blog post: the parliament has extended the “emergency phase” of the country, it will be in action for another at least 90 days. We […]

News & Carnival (Farsang) season in Hungary

Latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary Since our last blog post there has not been any changes to restrictions in Hungary, please click on the following link to read about the latest Covid-19 news and restrictions of our country: Latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary Carnival Season = Farsang in Hungary Farsang in Hungarian is […]

Latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary

Just like in each of our recent blog posts, we share the most important Covid-19 related regulations and news of our country, let’s see what’s new now: They have extended the restrictions that have been valid for months, now they will be active until the 1st of March. These are the following, including but not […]

Latest news & The story of a Hungarian explorer

Covid-19 related news of Hungary Since our last blog post coronavirus related restrictions in Hungary has not changed. We might have reached the top of the second wave of the pandemic here, and they are going to decide in the next couple of days about changing the restrictions or leaving them as they are now. […]

Happy Holidays!

In this post we would like to wish all of you all over the world HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR! May 2021 be calmer and more organized than 2020 for all of us… Latest Hungarian Covid-19 related news Since our last blog post, not much has changed, please read about the latest Covid-19 […]

Latest news + A new series of stories on our blog

In this post we would like to share the latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary and we are also starting to make a series of posts in which we always introduce you a Hungarian person/thing that is known all over the world or at least known widely in the world 🙂 Latest Covid-19 related news […]