This is a beautiful view of Budapest and the river Danube from the top of the circa 150 meters tall Gellért hill in Buda

Spring activities in Budapest

So spring is upon us, the Danube is no longer frozen over, the flowers are blooming and the sun is a bit less shy than in the previous months. You surely want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather as well! But what are the best spots for your next sunshine walk or afternoon picnic in Budapest, you might ask? Look no further, here is a list of great spots you should definitely enjoy during this spring!

A walk through Margaret Island

This may come as no surprise and is no big secret either, but Margaret Island offers some of the cleanest and calmest parks in Budapest, and is the favorite meeting place of locals on their days off. Located on the Danube, it is a very quiet place cut off from the noise of the city around it, but still easily accessible and close to public transportation. If you have a dog, we also definitely recommend taking them here for a walk!

The Castle and Gellért Hill

As we have previously written in our post about the must-see sights of Buda, the Buda Castle and the hill under it are some of Budapest’s most memorable sights. This is even more true now that the weather is nice and you get to enjoy a sunny walk while going from the Fisherman’s Bastion to Gellért Bath. Also, the view from up there is spectacular when the skies are clear!

Go on a walking tour

Last but not least, we firmly believe that walking tours are good for you! Budapest is a beautiful city all year round, but it is even better when cold winds don’t blow in your face as you walk through its historic streets. So go on, try one of our free or paid tours during this spring, you won’t be disappointed!