Beautiful autumn leaves in a forest in Hungary with rain drops on them

Autumn news – end of October 2020

Dear Travelers, in this post let us share the latest news about our free tours and the Covid-19 situation in Hungary shortly.

Regarding our free tours

Firstly, at the moment we are still not running our daily sightseeing free walking tours, since foreign citizens are not allowed to enter the country, unless they have a special reason. However, if you happen to be a traveler that can enter or is in Hungary, we offer paid private tours. Contact us via our website or at if you are interested in more details.

General Covid news

Second, there have been some other news as well lately. The number of Covid-19 cases have been rising in the region and in our country and capital as well, and they have introduced some stricter regulations (in connection with wearing masks and fines if somebody does not wear them and such) and they have also decided to cancel the annual Christmas market on the Vörösmarty square. This christmas market have been organized every year since the 1990s and have been amongst the best christmas markets of Europe these past years. Sadly in 2020 we cannot enjoy it, fingers crossed that in 2021 the situation will be much better.

We are still in the rising period regarding the coronavirus cases, they say that the second wave will be peaking in December/January in Hungary. We hope that most of you and your families are safe and wish you a nice autumn!