Latest Covid-19 related news in Hungary and about our free tours

Latest news – beginning of November 2020

Read about the latest Hungarian Covid-19 related news in this post.

Coronavirus news in Hungary

As we wrote in our previous blog post, in Hungary the number of Covid-19 cases are rising at a fast pace during the second wave of the pandemic, hospitals are getting full, so the government has introduced new measures in these last days:

– they have extended the border closure at least until the 1st of December 2020

– starting from this midnight (3rd November) there will be a curfew between midnight and 5am, ‘everyone must arrive home by midnight’ plus pubs and nightclubs will be closed for good

– starting from now there is special legal order in Hungary again, just like during the first wave of the pandemic. It allows the government to implement a range of emergency measures by decree.

– parking will be free in Budapest again

– it is every third seat that can be occupied at events, sporting events, in cinemas, theatres, and wearing a mask is compulsory in all cases

– they are making public transportation vehicles run more frequently during morning and afternoon rush hours


About our free walking tours

Please remember that we are currently still not operating our daily free walking tours in Budapest, but you can send us an inquiry at about a paid private tour if you happen to be in our city as a traveler.

Stay safe everyone!