A picture taken of two tour guides wearing our royal blue free tour uniforms in wintertime

Why choose a walking tour in Budapest?

If you only have a few days to visit a city, it is often difficult to choose between different sightseeing tours. Budapest is no different, offering lots of quality tours and entertainment options all year round – so here we are to help! We have put together a handy little guide to help you decide whether our walking tours are a good choice for you… and we trust they will be! Below you can find the main pros and cons of choosing a walking tour to see Budapest.

You get to meet the locals up close

Going around the city on a sightseeing bus or bike tour can be fun. But besides being comfortable and allowing you to take pictures,  you don’t get to interact a lot with the local people as you ride past them. This is fine if you only want to see the main attractions and take a few pictures, but some people like a more authentic experience. If you’re one of them, we definitely recommend our walking tours to you!

You cover less distance

If you like getting to know more about a specific part of the city and its history, general city tours won’t cut it for you. Walking around the city means you get to see every little corner of the quarter you’re visiting. This way, you have the opportunity for a completely immersive visit, where you learn about the local way of life and culture. Our Communism Tour and Jewish District Walk are perfect examples of such immersive tours.

On the other hand, it also means you won’t be able to visit all of the attractions spread out across the city in a single tour. If you prefer to see every major sight in the city in a day, we recommend you try a Hop on – Hop off bus tour of Budapest.

You can have a private experience

If you find even the most hardcore thematic walks don’t quench your thirst for immersing yourself in a city, we have something special for you. Our selection of private walking tours offer a large variety of themed tours that can be customized to your specific needs. From wine tastings to night strolls across Budapest, picking you up at your place of stay and guiding you to the places that truly interest you, our private tours cover everything! Make sure you check them out while you’re on the website.

So, are you interested in taking a walking tour with us? Book online or simply show up for the tours that don’t require a booking, and come see Budapest like a local! Also, you can check out guide on choosing the best walking tour for your taste!