A lovely group in front of the Fisherman's Bastion at the end of a General Budapest Free Tour

Welcome to our blog

Starting from now, our website will be home to a blog section. During our long history of operation in Budapest, we believe we have acquired a specific perspective on this city, its history and the life of its citizens, and we would like to share these insights with you. In here, you will find monthly articles about our tours, activities and the history, sights and points of interest in the city of Budapest.

A guidebook to Budapest

On top of getting to know us better, these articles also serve as a kind of in-depth explanation in addition to our tour descriptions for interested visitors. Everything you need to know before choosing the right free walking tour will be detailed here over the upcoming months, and if you have questions we can’t answer here, you can always check out our tour summaries or the experiences of other satisfied travelers before you!

You will find articles on the most important landmarks, sights and points of interest in Budapest as well as easy-to-miss local places and trivia. Do you want to get to know the city as closely as possible during your stay? Then stay tuned for upcoming teasers, recommendations and tips!

Insider info about our free walking tours

Additionally, we plan on releasing content detailing the subtleties of each of our free walking tours and private walking tours, so you get to know us in a nutshell before committing to one of our tours – we’re not selling surprises, even for free!

Do you want to know why our communism walk is called that way, or why our Jewish walking tour came to be? Then check back here every once in a while!