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Hungary tightens Covid-19 restrictions

As we are still in the rising period of the second wave of the pandemic, the Hungarian government decided to tighten Covid-19 related restrictions in our country. Let’s see the details.

Latest Covid-19 restrictions in Hungary valid from 11th November

These are the new restrictions for the next 30 days until the 11th of December after which they can be extended:

  • there is a curfew between 8 pm – 5 am
  • all gatherings are prohibited
  • restaurants can only serve takeaway orders and deliver food to people’s homes (factory canteens can remain open)
  • shops (except for gas stations and pharmacies) can be open only until 7 pm, since everyone must be home by 8 pm – shops can open at 5 am the earliest, since that is the end of the curfew in the morning
  • hotels and accommodations cannot have guests except for business travelers or guests that are here for the purpose of economy or education
  • all events are banned including cultural events and Christmas markets as well – religious ceremonies can be held, religious communities can decide on their own about these ceremonies, but they have to keep safe health rules
  • sport events must be held without audience “behind closed doors”
  • people can practice individual sports outdoors, especially those sportsmen that compete cannot be limited in practicing
  • gyms, pools, museums, public libraries, cinemas, zoos, ice skating rinks must be closed
  • daycares, kindergartens, primary schools can remain open for now, special safety measures can be determined by the school principals – secondary schools, universities have to apply digital education, dorms must close too (only foreign students or students who are quarantined can stay in the dorms)
  • private and family events (like birthdays etc.) can be held up to 10 people
  • at funerals there can be 50 people max.
  • weddings can be held, but there cannot be a wedding reception with guests
  • workers who are employed in healthcare, schools, kindergartens, daycares, and social workers must be tested for Covid-19 every week
  • people have to keep wearing masks on public transportations, indoors, and now outdoors on public areas, too (in cities that have more than 10.000 inhabitants) – in parks and nature and while doing sports masks do not have to be worn
  • borders are still closed, there are only a few exceptions

About our daily free tours in Budapest

As we shared in our previous posts as well, our daily free walking tours are not running at the moment until further notice. We cannot accommodate group private tours either since any kind of gatherings are prohibited.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe, Everyone!