sziget Summer Festivals in Hungary

It’s never early enough to start planning your summer. If you’re planning to visit Hungary and Budapest during this beautiful and warm season, you definitely shouldn’t miss some of our summer festivals! Let us introduce you to some of them. Continue reading

locsolkodas Easter Traditions in Hungary

It’s that time of the year again when the Easter Bunny comes to visit us. But Easter is so much more than this in Hungary as well, let’s see what traditions we follow and what kind of food we eat during this spring holiday! Continue reading

garden bar Spring Activities in Budapest, part 2

In our previous article we started listing things to do in Budapest during this lovely spring and we still haven’t run out of recommendations. The Budapest Spring Festival is in full swing, moreover garden bars and open air street food places are waking up from their winter hibernation. Continue reading

danube Spring activities in Budapest

So spring is upon us, the Danube is no longer frozen over, the flowers are blooming and the sun is a bit less shy than in the previous months. You surely want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather as well! But what are the best spots for your next sunshine walk or afternoon picnic in Budapest, you might ask? Look no further, here is a list of great spots you should definitely enjoy during this spring! Continue reading

FAQ oldal Why choose a walking tour in Budapest?

If you only have a few days to visit a city, it is often difficult to choose between different sightseeing tours. Budapest is no different, offering lots of quality tours and entertainment options all year round – so here we are to help! We have put together a handy little guide to help you decide whether our walking tours are a good choice for you… and we trust they will be! Below you can find the main pros and cons of choosing a walking tour to see Budapest. Continue reading

frozen-danube-stromnessdundee Frozen Budapest

After the mild winters of the last few years, the beginning of 2017 was a big surprise to everyone living in or visiting Budapest. Locals enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing the city covered in snow, and visitors often imagined they went too far and arrived in Syberia. The spectacular view of the frozen city inspired many photographers as well. Here are some of the highlights of this winter’s glacial views of Budapest!
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downloadablebudapestmap1-01-01 Choosing the perfect sightseeing tour

So you are an avid fan of sightseeing and walking tours, and you just arrived to Budapest. Naturally, the first thing you do is find out about the different kinds of walking tours that go around the city. After all, that is how you stumbled upon this site!

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matyas-templom-matthias-church-buda-castle-aerial 4 sights of Buda you shouldn’t miss!

When visiting a city as large as Budapest, the first thing that comes to the mind of any experienced traveler is making a list of must-see locations. Fortunately as you may already know, Budapest is divided in two parts by the Danube, Buda and Pest, making it easier for you to group your plans by location. This article will detail some of the top sights that you should visit on the Buda side of the city.

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winter 2016 Christmas & New Year’s

Dear Budapest visitors,

Here is our seasonal gift to all of you:
a little guide to the life and tours in Budapest during the holidays! Here you can find out if our tours start on a specific date, when to visit your favourite attraction, at what time
museums, baths and theatres will close, and other useful information such as the opening hours of food stores or the operating hours of public transportation.
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Welcome to our blog

Starting from now, our website will be home to a blog section. During our long history of operation in Budapest, we believe we have acquired a specific perspective on this city, its history and the life of its citizens, and we would like to share these insights with you. In here, you will find monthly articles about our tours, activities and the history, sights and points of interest in the city of Budapest.

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