1st of May in Budapest

The 1st of May a.k.a. International Worker’s day is here again, let us share some useful information about this day with you!

First of all, you have to know that our Free walking tours run as normal on the 1st of May, there will be no change in the schedule! Join us in the morning, afternoon or evening, we will be waiting for you on the Elisabeth square close to the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel with our blue uniforms and Free tour flags. If you are curious about how we celebrated the 1st of May, Workers’ day during the time of Communism in Hungary, join our Communism walk which is at 10:00 and 15:30 every day.

If you would like to do something else, other than sightseeing with us, you do not have to worry, there will plenty of things to do, since thermal baths, tourist shops, restaurants and museums, the Parliament will be open.

There will be events, all over the city, which are called “Majális” in Hungarian. Visit the City Park (Városliget in Hungarian) on the Pest side, next to the Heroes’ square or Tabán on the Buda side, under the Castle hill for concerts and colourful programmes. There will be a special event in the centre of Pest, too, which is the Nagy Futam or Big Race in English. The Andrássy avenue, “our Champs Élysées”, will be closed and you will be able to see Formula 1 cars rolling in the beautiful downtown area.