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Covid-19 news & International Women’s Day

Latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary

Today is the day when the latest restrictions and another lockdown start in our country. You can read about these in more details in our last blog post on the following link:


Unfortunately we, the Trip to Budapest Team, are still not running our daily free walking tours in Budapest until further notice. 

We are still far from reaching herd immunity, but the good news is that in Hungary about 1 million people has got their first dose of the vaccination and about 307 000 got the second dose, too. These are not bad numbers in the European Union compared to the fact that the population is about 10 million. However, the number of new cases are still rising in our country during the 3rd wave of the pandemic now, and the number of people in hospitals and in emergency care units are quite high. Hopefully the new restrictions and the lockdown will be effective in the next 2 weeks or so. We will keep you updated with the news.

International Women’s Day

Every year the world celebrates International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. For many decades this day has been a moment to celebrate the economic, cultural, political and social achievements of women. 

This day serves an important purpose: it forces conversations about women’s achievements and global gender inequality into the mainstream – and it invites people of all backgrounds, ages and genders to consider what they can do to make the world a more equal place for everyone.

The Trip to Budapest –  Free Walking Tours Budapest Team wishes all women in the world a happy and content International Women’s Day and a successful life! Hug your grandma, mom, girl siblings, friends, colleges and other women in your life today for us, too (in a mask, or in mind of course)!