3 beaches in Budapest to cool yourself down in the summer heat

Our beloved, but sometimes boiling hot summer has arrived. Doing your Budapest sightseeing on our free walking tours is great, but after the tours you sure want to cool down somewhere, so let’s see some of the best beaches in Budapest where you can relax, have a drink, a bite and a good time.

Palatinus Beach

Palatinus is the most popular open-air bath in the center of Budapest located on the Margit (Margaret) island in a nature conservation area and was opened as a beach in 1919. You can easily access the island (where there is a running track, open air bars, a musical fountain, a little zoo etc.) by foot, bike or bus.


There are 11 pools sports grounds and playgrounds for children, so they offer an excellent time for all age groups. Recently the pools of the open-air bath were modernised, they have been equipped with water filtering and revolving devices. The swimming pool was shaped into three sections: swimming pool, fancy pool and beach pool. The fancy pool is waiting for you with an effervescence generator and a whirpool. Moreover, all the pools are filled with the thermal water of the Margit Island.

Római Beach

The Római (Roman) beach is located in the North Buda (Ancient Buda) area not far from the River Danube (Rozgonyi Piroska street 2.) just a little bit outside of the city center. You can bike there or take the bus nr. 34. They have 3 swimming, children, adventure pools and there are several slides, different garden toys for children, ping-pong tables and catering facilities as well. After cooling down you can also take a walk by the riverbank where there are several bars, buffet restaurants and cultural events as well.

Csillaghegy Bath


Csillaghegy Open-Air Bath is the oldest and one of the most beautiful baths surrounded by huge trees in the capital. It started its operation as early as the second half of the 18 hundreds. It is built into the hillside in a terraced manner: the swimming and beach pools can be found on the first level, while the children’s pool and the sun-bathing area are located uphill. They have a restaurant as well and swimming fans can enjoy a 4-lane, 33-metre- long swimming pool filled with natural mineral water. If you are longing for tranquillity and a picturesque setting this is your Budapest beach! You can reach it by the local train (HÉV) and the bus nr. 160 from the city center.

We hope this article and our free walking tours can make your stay in Budapest in the summer cooler and more memorable!