Budapest escape rooms: discover your inner genius!

In the past few years Budapest evolves like crazy. New bars, restaurants and cafés are popping up all around town, you can stop on any given corner and point out at least one brand new place. In an up and coming city such as Bp. there ought to be a lot of different kinds of entertainment, and one of the most popular of these are escape rooms. You can find them all around the downtown, they come in different themes, sizes, languages, and levels of difficulty.

The best thing about escape rooms, is that it really reveals your inner genius. In everyday life you don’t solve puzzles or riddles and (hopefully) you don’t have to fight for survival. Here, however, you experience all that, it’s an excitement that really busts your rut, and for an hour or two,  makes you forget about the outside world. It’s while you’re in there, trying to get out (with the help of your buddies), that you realize how well your brain functions when it’s not bothered by the general stress of everyday life. You’ll need deduction and wit as well as general knowledge to solve the mysteries. Some chic won’t hurt either for there are traps and locks that need a skillful hand.

You will find that you are capable of far better problem solving, than you’d think, and that team work is not at all overrated. In fact, playing an escape room with colleagues most certainly will boost your performance at work. Why? In sharp situations like this, you can really tell a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Escape rooms are also a good way to expand your field of interests. In your search for fun rooms you’ll find that there are endless themes to escape rooms, from ancient Egypt to post war Russia, from Mayan pyramids to Nazi Germany’s secret tunnels, from the mad scientist’s lab to the genius composer’s room. Some are scary, some are funny, some require more general knowledge, some focus on versatility. No matter which one you choose, in the end you will leave with a lot of questions on your mind. What could I have done better? If only I hadn’t put the key in that lock but the other… How could I have known how to read that secret code? And so on.  When you leave, you’ll always want to know more, and more. And having a constant thirst for knowledge is the biggest gift anyone could ever have.