Changing our meeting point to Budapest Eye from 14th of January

We would like to draw everyone’s attention to our news: from Monday, the 14th of January we are moving the meeting point of our free walking tours from the Vörösmarty square to the ferris wheel on the Erzsébet (Elisabeth) square called Budapest Eye. The Vörösmarty square is being renovated, it will take a few months until it’s done.

You will be able to find our guides in blue jackets, holding our free walking tours flyers in their hands and some of us will be also standing close to our previous meeting point (the two squares are right next to each other) orientating everyone who may get lost to the new meeting point.


Let’s see some words about the Budapest Eye, this 65 meters tall wonder in the heart of the Pest side of the city

A couple of years ago it used to have a different name, it was the Sziget Eye. If you heard about the Sziget Festival (an international music festival organized every year in August in the last 25 years on and island – sziget in Hungarian – in Budapest) you can guess where they first set it up. Then in 2017 they set it up permanently in the downtown of Pest, on the Erzsébet square. It costs 2700 hungarian forints to ride it, and you can enjoy a nice view from the top since the buildings in Budapest are quite short, the 2 tallest ones are both 96 meters tall. They are the Parliament and the Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

See you soon on our free tours, from tomorrow at the Budapest Eye!