Choosing the perfect sightseeing tour

So you are an avid fan of sightseeing and walking tours, and you just arrived to Budapest. Naturally, the first thing you do is find out about the different kinds of walking tours that go around the city. After all, that is how you stumbled upon this site!

When it comes to walking tours, Budapest has a lot to offer. The city’s size and the density of great sights makes walking around a convenient way to discover its hidden treasures. But what kind of walking tour would best suit your specific personal needs? Are you a gourmet or more of a historian? Do you like walking in the daylight, or prefer seeing how the city is illuminated during the night? Do you prefer public or private tours? Read further to find out our recommendations!

For those who like to take in history

If you want to learn as much as possible about Budapest’s history in a single walk, we definitely recommend our Original Tour. It is the longest and most comprehensive sightseeing walk in Budapest. As such, it offers an excellent overview of the history, architecture and dayly lives of the Hungarian people. Be sure to pack some water as this tour can be as long as three hours!

For those who like culture and trivia

If you like learning about the different cultures that left their influence on the present of a city, or how these cultures coexist in Budapest, look no further! Our thematic tours are focused on showing you all the artifacts of different cultural heritages scattered all over the city. The tours are led by knowledgeable guides who will introduce you to these pieces of history in a fun and relateable way.

The Jewish Quarter Walk is a great look into the Jewish religion and culture in Budapest, while our Communism Walk will show you all the telltale signs of the Soviet occupation and how life in Budapest was in the communist era.

For those who prefer the night time

If you are a night owl who just cannot get enough of a city’s lights, we definitely have something to your taste. Our evening walk offers a great overview of the inner city‘s most important sights and their history, while also mentioning some other great activities you can take part in after your tour!

You will see all the pretty lights and the nightlife of the city getting busy around the hours of the tour. It is also a great way to see the city if you’re in the middle of summer and cannot stand the scorching heat of the daytime!

For those who want to have their own way

If you don’t like mingling with other travelers or your thirst for walking tours is still not quenched, don’t worry! All of the tours mentioned above and  more are available as private guided tours. Of course these private tours are not free like the rest of our sightseeing tours, but they offer a more in-depth experience and you can customize them however you want!

Head over to our list of private tours to check out what we offer and make a booking!