This a picture to show you where we meet during the renovation works of the Elisabeth square until August 2019

Renovation works around our meeting point until August 2019

We would like to draw your attention to the following situation:In front of the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel there is a fountain called Danubius fountain. The pavement around the Danubius fountain next to the meeting point of our free tours (it is about 15-20 meters away from the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel on the Elisabeth square) is being renovated plus it’s surrounded by fences until the beginning of August 2019.

This makes it a little more difficult to see where we are gathering before our free tours start, but you can find our guides close to the Budapest Eye, within eyeshot, in their blue uniforms and one of them also walks around the meeting point with a Free tour flag to make it easier for you to find us.If you still have difficulties contact us on Facebook or the following phone number so that we can help you find our groups: +36 20 340 9217

The Hungarian words on the next picture say the dates of the renovation of the pavement will last until the 9th of August and the renovation of the skatepark next to the fountain will last from 24th June-30th September.