Closures in Budapest & Practical info on transportation

Dear Travelers!

We, the Free Budapest Walking Tours Team made a blog post about ongoing renovation works and closures in Budapest a couple of months ago, now let us repeat this post about the closures that are still going on:

  1. Chain Bridge: The most iconic bridge of Budapest, also the first permanent suspension bridge connecting the two sides of the river Danube ready by the 1850’s. There is a long renovation project going on at the moment, supposedly it is going to be ready by the end of 2023. Until that you can choose the closest 2 bridges (white Elisabeth bridge and yellow Margaret bridge) or cross under the River Danube by the metro line number 2, which is the deepest metro line in Budapest.
  2. Liberty Statue and Citadel on Gellért hill: The highest point of the city center of Budapest, with the altitude of about 235 meters, it has one of the nicest views as well. On the top you can find the Liberty statue and the Citadel, a Fortress built in the 1800’s. The renovation works will last supposedly until the end of 2023. They are building new paths/stairs leading up to the top, new lookout terraces, new green areas and a huge park, a new lake and café. Do not be fooled by the closures around the Liberty Statue while the renovation is going on, you can still go up to the top of the hill to see the views, just follow any paths going upstairs! Here is a little visual help as well 🙂

    Info board about the renovation of the Citadel on Gellért hill in Budapest

  3. Blaha Lujza sqaure: one of the most important traffic junctions in the city center of Budapest (more precisely on the Pest side), it is a metro station as well, metro line nr.2 runs through it. The renovation works are planned to be finished in the first half of the year 2023.
  4. Metro line nr. 3: they are planning to finish the renovations works by the beginning of the year 2023, until that at some sections of the metro line nr.3 replacement buses are running. There are informative boards at the stops/sections where there are works going and replacement buses are running.

Some more useful information about Budapest transportation

  • From the 9th of May 2022 taxi fares rise by 35-40% due to inflation and high fuel prices. The base fare from now on is 1000 HUF (about 2.6 EUR), the time-based fare unit (HUF/min) is 100 HUF (0.26 EUR) and the distance-based fare unit (HUF/km) is 400 HUF (about 1.05 EUR). Always look for the yellow official taxi cars.
  • There is a new type of pass if you would like to get out of Budapest and see the Danube bend: for 2500 HUF there is a 24 hour travel pass which you can use on trains, ships and buses from Budapest to different cities of the Danube bend. You can buy this pass in train stations or in the MÁV application.