Latest Covid-19 related news of Hungary

Just like in each of our recent blog posts, we share the most important Covid-19 related regulations and news of our country, let’s see what’s new now:

They have extended the restrictions that have been valid for months, now they will be active until the 1st of March. These are the following, including but not limited to:

  • curfew between 8pm and 5 am, shops must close at 7pm
  • foreign citizens cannot enter Hungary (there are a few exceptions)
  • returning Hungarian citizens have to quarantine for 14 days or show 2 negative tests
  • hotels cannot have guests
  • bars, clubs, restaurants, gyms, pools, cinemas are closed
  • all gatherings are prohibited…
  • …therefore our free tours in Budapest are still not running until further notice

Tips about how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic

Possible easing of restrictions

They have announced it today that opening up and easing the restrictions could be possible in two steps from the beginning of March and then from the beginning of April. It all depends on what happens until then with the spread of Covid-19 in Hungary. The number of new cases were decreasing in the last 1 or 2 weeks, but now it doesn’t seem to be lessening.

Covid-19 vaccination

Vaccination has started in Hungary a few weeks ago, now there are about 250 000 Hungarian people that got the first round of the vaccine and about 75 000 that got the second dose, too. There are about 10 million people living in our country, 2 million in Budapest.

An aerial shot showing Budapest, the river Danube and the Chain bridge lit up on a winter night

Photo by tovissibence

Stay tuned, read our info on our blog, we really hope to be back with our sightseeing walking tours in Budapest as soon as possible!