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Dear Travelers,

We, the Free Budapest Walking Tours Team regularly write about the latest Covid-19 pandemic related news of Hungary and our Team, so here is our latest update:

Firstly, let us share that we are still not running our daily Free Budapest Walking Tours, we are planning to reopen in the middle of July, thank you for your understanding. Until that, if you are interested in a private walking tour in Budapest with us, do not hesitate to contact us at or or via the contact form on the subpage of our Private Budapest Walking Tours.

Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic situation of Hungary

Things are pretty okay now, about 5.4 million Hungarians got their first dose of the 5 vaccines that we are using in our country and about 4.5 million got their second jab, too. The population of Hungary is about 10 million.

Hungary has opened its inner Schengen borders and has mutual agreements with some countries, where Hungarians can travel freely and people from these countries can travel to Hungary with their immunity certificates, too. These countries are: Slovenia, Croatia, Bahrain, Romania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Netherlands, Morocco, Albania. Other than these, hopefully soon the European Union’s vaccine passport will be accepted as well.

Other Budapest related News

A resting area has been be set up on the closed section of the lower quay of the Pest side of the river Danube between the Chain Bridge and the Parliament for two months between the 18th of June and the 15th of August. No cars are allowed but pedestrians and cyclists can occupy the road. The quay between the Chain Bridge and the Margaret Bridge is closed due to renovation, which gave rise to the possibility of setting up a resting beach on the said vacant section on a temporary, experimental basis.

We have tried this resting area and it is cool, hopefully you can see it soon, too! 🙂