Covid-19 related news of Hungary and the Free Budapest Walking Tours Team

As usual, we are coming up with a fresh blog article about what is happening with the Coronavirus pandemic and our daily free walking tours in Budapest:

  • Firstly, our free tours are still not running in the Hungarian capital city, we are planning to reopen them in the middle of July! Stay tuned for up-to-date information shared here and on our Facebook page as well!
  • Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic we can say that the situation is quite okay in Hungary and Budapest right now. The vaccination went quite well (using past tense, because there’s not a lot of people left who want to take the vaccination, most of those who wanted it, got it already…) about 5 376 000 Hungarians got their first dose and about 4 300 000 people got their second jab as well (out of the 10 million Hungarians)
  • Inside of the country almost everything is open now and people with their vaccine certificates can go to hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms, pools, museums etc… We have a mutual agreement with some countries about accepting each others immunity certificates, meaning these nationalities do not have to quarantine themselves after entering Hungary: Slovenia, Croatia, Bahrain, Romania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Netherlands, Morocco, Albania. Plus hopefully soon the European Union’s vaccine passport will be accepted, too.

Closure of the Chain bridge & a new boat to replace it

As we have shared earlier, the iconic first bridge on the Danube in Budapest has been closed for renovation. From the 16th of June there is a boat that rides back and forth next to the Chain bridge and it can accommodate about 250 people. It takes about 5 minutes for the boat to cross the river and it rides from Monday to Sunday between 7 am and 8:15 pm. The name of the two stops between which the boat crosses: Jégverem street and port Akadémia 1. On weekdays it can be used with a public transport monthly pass or a single ticket, on the weekends the price of the ticket is 500 HUF (about 1.5 EUR). Masks must be worn on the boat.

Hoping that we are gonna ride together soon again:

The Free Budapest Walking Tours Team 🙂