News 8th June 2021

Covid-19 News of Hungary and the Free Budapest Walking Tours Team

Dear Everyone!

We keep sharing on our blog what is new with the Coronavirus pandemic in Hungary and with our Free Budapest Walking Tours, so here is our latest update. You can read our previous blog post on the following link: Gradual reopening of Hungary part 4.

At the moment we are still not operating our daily free walking tours in the Hungarian capital, but are planning to reopen them in a few weeks. We are keeping you updated with fresh information here on our website and Facebook page, as well!

Right now Hungary is establishing agreements with countries about accepting each others’ immunity certificates, meaning people from the following countries do not have to quarantine themselves after entering Hungary if they have their vaccination certificates (and Hungarians can travel freely too to these countries): Slovenia, Croatia, Bahrain, Romania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Cyprus (+ Slovakia very soon).

Hopefully the European Union’s mutual vaccine passport will be valid as well soon in Hungary and we can see you on our daily Private and Free Budapest Walking Tours!