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Tightening Covid-19 restrictions

Latest Covid-19 restrictions in Hungary

As the 3rd wave of the Coronavirus pandemic has hit Hungary recently and there have been more new cases, more people have to go to hospital and/or to emergency room, the government had to introduce some new measures to slow down the spread of the virus. In this post we are sharing the latest Covid-19 related restrictions.

  • The 8pm-5am curfew remains
  • We are still obliged to wear a mask everywhere, outdoors (except when doing sports) and indoors too and keep a minimum 1.5 m distance
  • Gyms, pools, sport fields remain closed, but the good news for hikers is that parks, forests, arboretums can remain open
  • Libraries, cinemas, theatres and such remain closed
  • Cafés, restaurants can only serve take-away orders and do home delivery

Hungary is under lockdown again, photo:Shutterstock.com

Lockdown 2.0 in Hungary – photo: shutterstock.com

  • Kindergartens, all primary schools must close, secondary schools and universities go on with the online education (as they have been doing for weeks now) from the 8th of March till the 7th of April
  • Shops, malls must close from the 8th of March till the 22nd of March; only the following units can remain open, everything else must close:
    • supermarkets, drug stores, grocery shops, food markets
    • pharmacies
    • farm shops, horticulture shops, pet food shops
    • tobacco shops, newsstands
    • gas stations
    • banks
    • mechanics, service stations
    • taxies
    • dry cleaner’s
    • lawyers, executors, notary publics
    • car and machine rentals
    • social institutions, private health care units, veterinaries
    • parcel delivery services
    • funeral services

At the moment there are about 862 000 Hungarians who got the first vaccine and about 280 000 who got the second dose of it, too. The population of our country is about 10 million.

Regarding our free walking tours in Budapest

Our daily free tours are still not running until further notice, as the borders of Hungary remain closed too (there are only a few exceptions). The Free Walking Tours Budapest Team wishes you the best and perseverance until the epidemic ends! Until that you can have a look at our tours at the following link: