5 tips for a great beer bike tour

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a trip with your friends or on a family holiday to Budapest: a beer bike tour is fun either way, even on special occasions like team building parties or bachelorette nights! From afar it probably seems like beer bikes are floating islands of freedom and happiness, which is true… partially. They definitely have some rules to follow, and there are other tips you probably want to know about before renting a bar that rolls – and rocks, obviously.

1) Don’t arrive tipsy!

That’s a basic and very important rule if you rent a beer bike: you can’t drink before your trip!  You’re going to get a sober driver for the trip, so you don’t have to worry about paying attention in the traffic while chatting with your friends and drinking – but the driver’s main task is to pay attention to the road, not babysitting a bunch of tipsy people, so that is totally understandable. And of course, you’re going to have a decent amount of alcoholic beverages onboard anyway, so it’s for your own good as well. Nobody wants to puke all the way on a sightseeing trip.

2) Bring your own music

We all know the main advantages of beer biking: it connects sightseeing, pedaling, chatting with your friends, and – well, beer. But there’s another really cool thing you can do: if you have your favourite tunes on your smartphone, you can connect it to the built in strereo system! All of the good things above plus your favourite music, could it be any better? Probably not!

3) Be nice to the staff!

If you rent a beer bike, you’ll get a driver, no matter what. The drivers are experienced, sober, know the way around, and do their best to keep you safe on the road. And – if you don’t want to pay extra attention when someone from the group runs out of drink – you can usually hire a bartender as well, who will keep your glass full. Always think about how they are doing their job to entertain you, even if they had a lame day. If you choose to be rude, probably your trip won’t be as fun as you planned.

They will always behave nicely with you and your friends anyway, but we all know there’s a difference between being nice and acting nice. Don’t ruin your trip this way!

4) Choose your drink

Beer bikes have a secret: they are not only beer bikes. They can be wine bikes, cider bikes, prosecco bikes, champagne bikes – „almost any type of drinks you want” bikes! If you have any special wish, you can ask for your preferred drink beforehand. Or when you rent a beer bike, you can always choose from their menu, there are even non-alcoholic drinks. Don’t forget, you can’t drink alcohol under 18, not even on a beer bike!

5) Suit up!

Do you want a night to remember? We mean, not just for you and your group, but everyone around. If yes, the most easily accomplished way is to suit up! And by suit up we think of animal jumpers or superhero costumes, not the Barney Stinson way of suiting up. It’s always the best feeling to make people smile around you, why not do it with funny and super cool costumes?