Why you must try bubble football (even if you can’t play football)?

If the topic is football, there are three kinds of people: those who love to play and watch, those who prefer the game only on screen, and those who don’t even want to talk about it. Well, we have a super secret for the last group: bubble football will 100% sure change your mind about playing! If you have some free time, don’t miss out on trying bubble football in Budapest!

The main component of bubble football is the ball itself, just not that one ball you’d expect! Actually, there are more balls on the field, as you and your group have to wear Zorb balls. These are big, inflatable balls made of lightweight plastic, and they have another smaller ball inside connected with hundreds of threads. Besides the secured threads there’s a thick air layer between the balls for shock absorbing. Some types even have straps inside for perfect security. If you fall – that actually happens a lot in bubble football – you won’t feel a thing, as the Zorb ball keeps you super safe on the field!

Bubble football has a much bigger history than you’d imagine. The first prototype was made by Gilles Ebersolt in 1975 under the name of „Ballule”, and technically it was a huge hamster ball for humans. It had nothing to do with football back then. A few years and a lot of modifications later in 2011, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden had the brilliant idea, and the first bubble football match was aired in a Norwegian TV show. As a joke, obviously. No one expected it will become so popular, but three years later in 2014 a video of a bubble football match blew up the internet. Then came the flourishing era of bubble football.

As they say, the joy is in the playing, and in this case it couldn’t be more true! You probably know the very basic rules of a football game, there are people on the field chasing a ball except two of them, the goalkeepers, who try to prevent the opponent from scoring. That sounds kind of simplified like this, but that’s basically all you have to know if you want to try bubble football! You can expect a lot of collisions and falls throughout the game, but the only thing that’s gonna hurt will probably be your stomach and maybe your face as you’ll laugh that much. Try to run after the ball and dodge your friends, or else, try to collide as much as you can and enjoy the hilarious slips and bumps without any painful consequences!