Photo showing a lot of people sitting in the green grass during a festival in the heart of Budapest

Festival around our meeting point 24-26th May 2019

Please note that there is a festival called Downtown festival (Belvárosi Fesztivál in Hungarian) going on in the inner city of Budapest at multiple locations and there will be a series of concerts and events at our meeting point, the Elisabeth square as well over the weekend (May 24-26). It will be quite busy, and maybe a bit more difficult to find us, but  it does not affect our free tours, all of them run and you can still find us close to the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel in blue uniforms and with our blue free tour flag. We cannot gather exactly where it is marked on our flyer (because of the stage that they set up there), but we are going to be a few meters away from the big wheel. If you have any questions, or can’t find us please do not hesitate to contact us on the phone or via email/Facebook!
See you soon! 🙂