Info about preparing for restarting our tours (late-July or beginning of August 2020)

In the following post we are going to introduce our new, safe walking tours that you can take during/after the Covid-19 pandemic after we restart our daily tours (probably late-July or beginning of August 2020).

Life is slowly returning, travelling can be done soon with minor restrictions, and we are also preparing for restarting our walking tours. Besides our free walking tours and private tours, we have prepared low-cost, small group walking tours for our guests. The advantages of these tours are the following:

  • We limit the number of participants on these walking tours: the maximum is 12 people in a group
  • Since the group is smaller than on an average free walking tour, everyone can keep 1.5-2 meters distance from fellow travellers and still hear the guide during the walking tour
  • We try to avoid physical contact on these tours: you book online and you can pay in a contactless way online as well (but paying on the spot is also possible); we do not hand out flyers or printed materials (unless someone asks for it)

The walking tours that will be available as a small group tour: General Budapest Tour, Jewish Quarter Tour, Communism Tour. The days, times and prices of these tours will be announced later, when we are sure about the date of starting again (probably late-July or beginning of August 2020).

Until we restart our daily free tours, you are welcome to book a private tour with us here on the website for a fair price. You can also e-mail us at or for more information!

You can also follow us on Facebook, we post information regularly about restarting our tours there, too:

Stay tuned and safe! 😊