Picture taken during one of our Evening free tours, the river Danube, Elisabeth bridge and Royal palace

Current schedule of our free tours

In this post we would like to let you know the starting times of our free walking tours in Budapest and some recent news about the Covid-19 situation and upcoming restrictions.

The schedule of our daily free tours now

General Budapest walk 10:30 every day & 14:30 as well on Friday and Saturday

Jewish quarter tour 15:30 every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Communism walk 15:30 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Evening Pest walk 18:30 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Here are some photos of our running 1.5 hours long Evening Pest walk 🙂



Information about the pandemic now

The number of cases have been quite low in Hungary, we are considered to be a safer country.

However, these last days news said that the government is going to announce safety restrictions, probably in connection with travelling as well. We are going to keep you updated about these on our website and Facebook page, too. https://www.facebook.com/triptobudapest.hu

Right now the countries of the world are divided into 3 groups by Hungary: green, yellow and red. If you come from a green country, you are free to enter. If you come from a yellow country, you have to go to 2 weeks quarantine in Hungary OR show 2 negative tests. Entering Hungary from a red country is not permitted (there are only a few exceptions).
Please always look up the regulations before you plan your travels and be safe!