The Revolution of 1848-49 in Hungary and a "kokárda" with the Hungarian national colors

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Covid-19 related news of Hungary

As we are in the middle of the 3rd wave of the coronavirus epidemic, many restrictions are in power right now in Hungary. We summarized them in one of our previous blog posts, please have a look at the following link, if you are interested.

Regarding the Covid-19 vaccination in Hungary: at the moment there are about 1 320 000 people who got the first vaccine and there are about 393 000 Hungarians that got the second dose as well.

Our daily free tours in Budapest are still not running until further notice. We are going to keep you updated with news every week on our blog.

15th of March – National Holiday in Hungary

Today we commemorate the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49 which broke out on the 15th of March. This day is one of the most important national holiday of the country. Normally there are big, crowded commemorations, but not this year because of the coronavirus pandemic…

Our 1848-49 freedom fight was one of the many European revolutions of 1848 and it was quite closely connected to other revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg (Austrian Royal family) areas. This revolution is one of the most determinative events in our country’s modern history – it formed a key element of modern Hungarian national identity.

Hungary was part of the Austrian Empire from the late 1600s when we were liberated from the Ottoman Empire by the Holy League led by the Austrians. We were demanding freedom, full independence for Hungary. After a series of defeats suffered by Austria in 1849, the Austrian Empire came close to collapsing. The young emperor, Franz Joseph I had to ask for Russian help and Tsar Nicholas I answered. He sent a 200 000 army with 80 000 auxiliary forces. In the end, the joint army of Russian and Austrian forces defeated the Hungarians. After they restored Habsburg power, they placed Hungary under brutal martial law. Finally our country gained full independence from the Austrian Empire only after the first world war.

You can learn more about our history when we are back doing our daily free walking tours in Budapest!

On this day, even Google commemorated the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49! 🙂

Google Commemorating the 15th March 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution