Latest News – 23rd February 2021

Latest Covid-19 related news in Hungary and at the Free Walking Tours Budapest Team

Regarding the Covid-19 related restrictions in our country, there has been one change made since our latest blog post: the parliament has extended the “emergency phase” of the country, it will be in action for another at least 90 days. We are still not running our daily free walking tours in Budapest until further notice.

Unfortunately, the 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic has started in Hungary recently, there have been more and more new cases and deaths reported in the last week or so. Vaccination has started too, so far Hungary uses the Pfizer/Biontech, the AstraZeneca, the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinopharm vaccines. There is about 460 000 people in our country that got the first dose of the vaccine and roughly 206 000 got the second round, too.

Picture from: the Official Microsoft Blog

Another piece of news regarding our walking tours in Budapest is that they are going to start the renovation of the iconic Chainbridge, the first permanent bridge on the Danube in Budapest ready in 1849. They are going to close the bridge from traffic and pedestrians, too this spring for a long time (possibly more than 1 year). Our General Free Budapest Walk and most of the travelers walking in our city used to cross this bridge on the way to the Buda side from the Pest side, all the other bridges are a bit too far for crossing in a reasonable time on one tour. This is why we are going to divide our Free Budapest Walk into 2 tours, a Pest tour and a Buda castle tour with different starting times and different meeting points. We are going to upload all the things you need to know, once we are back on track and can run our daily free walking tours in Budapest again.

Stay well and safe!